Forsberg sheet metal and construction

With solid experience of both the archipelago and all kinds of jobs, we perform both sheet metal work and other carpentry, we collaborate with other craftsmen in the archipelago to help you do exactly what you want.


We not only meet your expectations, we exceed them.

Sandhamn Taxi Charter works to take you quickly and easily to Point A to the Stockholm archipelago and the surrounding area. Since 2006, our company has been committed to being the best at what we do.


We perform jobs both in Sandhamn and the surrounding area and on the mainland.

With great knowledge of the special conditions that exist when building in the archipelago, we can guide and help you with exactly what you want to have done, we perform all types of jobs, and have contact with other craftsmen so it goes smoothly at jobs with different craftsman.

Stavsnäs Boat Taxi

For over 50 years, we have contributed to keeping the Stockholm archipelago alive and today we are the only company that can offer you a flexible, safe and affordable transport around the clock, every day of the year and in virtually all weather. Below you will find the main types of travel we offer so just click on for more information.
Welcome to us at Stavsnäs Båttaxi!

Roslagen’s sea traffic

We run regular traffic with Tärnan / Sandhamnspilen, direct boat from Stavsnäsvinterhamn to Sandhamn, we can also operate Telegrafholmen, Lökholmen and Trouvillbryggan.

We perform everything from pure taxi boat trips to cruises and large archipelago events under our own auspices where we collaborate with local archipelago residents, fishermen, musicians, guides, bus companies, restaurants and hotels and more.

Gas station

At Sandhamn’s gas station you will find everything you need for boating – petrol, gasol, sweets & ice cream and the necessary accessories for the boat


KSSS ‘traditional sailing center in Stockholm’s outermost archipelago has unique opportunities for ocean-going sailing. KSSS guest harbors have space for over 400 boats on Sandhamn, Lökholmen and Telegrafholmen.


Saunas & Hot Tub


Sandhamn Seglarhotell offers a different nature experience during autumn, winter and spring. The archipelago is abandoned, tranquility prevails and nature’s presence is palpable. The hotel’s outdoor spa is a popular activity for private guests as well as conference guests, an experience that provides both joy and relaxation. Bar service is available, as well as the possibility to pre-order food and snacks.


Located by the steamboat pier, Sommarboden is the first to meet you at Sandhamn. You can believe from the name that it is open only in the summer, but Sommarboden is open all year round, in the winter the opening hours can vary depending on days and weather.

Our clothes are a wide range with both fashion and functional clothing. The wanted Sandhamn’s shirt is also sold here.