Welcome to Sandhamns Värdshus dating from 1672

A classic Inn that is open all year round, with us there is something for everything, we serve everything from today’s dish to a la carte. Feel free to check out one of our four restaurants.

The pub, which is the heart of Värdshuset and Sandhamn, is open all year round, every day from 11.00. Here, our classic dishes are served, such as SOS, Fish and Seafood Casserole and do not miss our popular Värdshus steak, it also serves two daily dishes, a meat and a fish all day as long as they are enough.

Upstairs with our classic a la carte restaurant with a magical view of the harbor is open every day from the month of May. From mid-August – April, the restaurant is mainly open weekends, but for groups over 15 people we have the opportunity to open other days.

When the sun starts to warm up, our lovely outdoor terrace also opens up where you can sit and enjoy the sun with something good to eat and drink.

In summer we also have Pentaboden, a seafood restaurant located in the old workshop, enjoy seafood and something nice to drink in the sun

For booking 08-571 530 51 or email info@sandhamns-vardshus.se