Offers unique adventures in the outer archipelago .

Nature stimulates well being and frees up creativity. Nature as space is perhaps what modern man has most missed.

Staying in the outer archipelago, if only for a couple of hours, gives distance and clarity to even the most stressed person. The previously so complicated decisions will of course be simple.

We offer events in the archipelago during all seasons and with all the weather changes. The sea, the wind, cobs and skerries provide opportunities for unique experiences.

We work with both large and small groups. Our program includes activities of various kinds, both peaceful and exciting. The arrangements are shaped to suit your wishes.

Our strength is that we are located out on Sandhamn and cooperate with the locals. In this way, we can take you to places in the archipelago that others do not have access to. Our philosophy is not to leave traces or affect nature, no matter what we do.

We help you all the way from you, out to us and home again.

We will do our utmost to ensure that you have a memorable and inspiring day out with us!

During the summer we have a shop open in Sandhamn, where we offer rental of bicycles, kayaks and more, there is also a wide range of clothes from well-known brands.